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Our Portfolio of Strategic Programs

Empowering Vision, Facilitating Progress – Navigating Opportunities for Sustainable Development.

  • Development Law

    • Support for Tourist Investments
    • Processing-Supply Chain
    • Just Developmental Transition
    • Entrepreneurship 360
    • Agri-Food-Primary Production and Processing of Agricultural Products
  • National Recovery and Resilience Plan

    • Upgrading of ski resorts
    • Upgrading of tourist ports
    • Productive investments in the Green Economy
    • Modernization of the primary sector
    • Innovation and Green Transition in the processing of agricultural products
    • Loans from the Recovery and Resilience Fund
    • I save Business
  • ESPA Programs

    • Support for the Establishment and Operation of New Tourist Enterprises
    • Support for the Establishment and Operation of new small and medium-sized Enterprises
    • Support for existing very small and small enterprises in the areas of fair transition plans for the Western
      Macedonia and Megalopolis Region
    • Basic Digital Transformation of SMEs
    • Advanced Digital Transformation
    • Cutting-edge Digital Transformation
    • Green Transformation of SMEs
    • Transitionto innovative, outward-looking and smart specialization in Central Macedonia

Opus Consulting’s Commitment to Progress

Beyond Solutions

As we pave the way for strategic programs, join us in a journey where every consultation is a step towards a brighter and sustainable tomorrow.