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Since 1993, Opus S.A Management & Development Consultants has been a trusted partner for Greek and International businesses, as well as the Public Sector. With a legacy of three decades, our commitment to excellence has made us a beacon of success. From our headquarters in Athens to our subsidiary in Western Macedonia, we specialize in financing, investment project management, and strategic advisory services. Our enduring success is rooted in the continuous improvement of our executives, ensuring we meet the unique requirements of our clients with respect and dedication. At Opus, we believe in building successful relationships through communication, mutual trust, and a relentless pursuit of our clients’ strategic objectives.

Our Values

Pillars of Opus A.E: Guiding Your Success with Integrity and Innovation

  • Ethics

    Moral Compass: Upholding the highest ethical standards, we navigate our actions with integrity and a strong moral compass.

  • Transparency

    Clear Communication: We believe in transparent and open communication, fostering trust and mutual understanding in all our interactions.

  • Effectiveness

    Results-Driven:* Committed to achieving impactful outcomes, we leverage efficiency and effectiveness in all our endeavors.

  • Innovation

    Forward-Thinking Solutions: Embracing creativity and innovation, we continuously seek inventive solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

  • Progress

    Dynamic Growth: Dedicated to progress, we adapt and evolve, ensuring our services align with the ever-changing landscape of business and technology.

  • High Standards

    Quality Benchmark: We set and maintain high standards, ensuring the delivery of top-notch services that consistently exceed expectations.

  • Respect

    Valuing Diversity: We foster a culture of respect, appreciating the unique perspectives and contributions of every individual.

  • Reliability

    Dependable Partnerships: Clients can trust in our reliability, knowing that we deliver on our promises and commitments.

  • Communication

    Open Dialogue: Open and effective communication is the cornerstone of our relationships, ensuring clarity and understanding at every step.

  • Collaboration

    Team Synergy: We believe in the power of collaboration, leveraging the collective strength of our team to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Reasons to Choose Opus A.E

Our Clients

Trusted Partnerships, Diverse Success Stories

Empowering Success Through Expertise, Commitment, and Collaboration.

Our Human Resources Hub

At Opus Consulting, our success story is written by the exceptional individuals who make up our Human Resources team. Our consultants are not just experts; they are dedicated professionals committed to delivering top-tier services. Through continuous training, our team stays ahead of the curve, navigating the ever-evolving business landscape with precision. Adaptability is not just a trait; it’s our consultants’ forte, ensuring seamless alignment with our clients’ needs and goals. Moreover, our collaborations with external partners expand our capabilities across diverse thematic areas, allowing us to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions.

Building Tomorrow Together, One Client Success at a Time.

Our Corporate Development Journey

Embark on a journey of sustained growth and innovation with Opus Consulting.

Our corporate development is anchored in the success stories of our clients, each milestone a testament to our commitment to their goals. Fueled by trust and driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, we continue to evolve, create, and contribute to a future where success knows no bounds.

Join us in shaping a legacy of achievement and partnership.

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